City of Thompson Falls Departments


City Attorney

The City Attorney is Legal Counsel for the City of Thompson Falls and   serves as Legal Advisor to the Mayor, City Council and Staff. 

The City  Attorney is also responsible for prosecuting Misdemeanor  State and  Ordinance Violations committed within the City limits.

The City of Thompson Falls City Attorney - Tim Goen

City Hall  PO Box 99 

Thompson Falls, Montana 59873-0099

(406) 827-3557

Fire Department

The City of Thompson Falls Volunteer Department Volunteers: 

Fire Chief - Neil Harnett,
 Assistant Fire Chief - Nate Saint,
Secretary  - Shawni Vaught,
Volunteers-  Dale Peters, Robert Legault, Alex Brown, Robert Vanelswyk, Rocky Fisher and Derek Whittenburg.  

If you are interested in Volunteering please contact our Fire Chief Neil Harnett at the City Hall (406) 827-3557 

Municipal Court

The City Court consists of Judge Donald Strine and Court Clerk Nikki Winslow

Court is held Monday's from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Parks & Recreation

City of Thompson Falls Parks

The City of Thompson Falls Public Works Director, Neil Harnett and his crew maintain the City Parks in the City limits.   

City of Thompson Falls Pool

The City of Thompson Falls Recreational Director, Sandra Kazmierczak maintains the City Pool and the Pool employees. 

Police Department

The City of Thompson Falls Police Department consists of 5 Police Officers. 

The City Police Department is located in the City Hall, 108 Fulton Street, Thompson Falls, Montana. The City Police Department is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru  Friday. 

The City of Thompson Falls phone number is 406-827-3557 ext. 225 If you need to contact the Police Department during off hours please  contact the Sanders County Sheriff's Office 406-827-3584 ext. 3. 

Police Chief, Christopher Nichols

SRO Officer, Robert Thornhill

Police Officer, Luke Hauke

Police Officer, Jacob Winslow

Police Officer, Morgan Grimm

Public Works

Water Quality Report is available at the city office located at 108 Fulton Street.
*will not be mailed unless requested*

The Public Works Department consists of 3 employees -  

The Public Works Director -  

Neil Harnett 

Public Works City Crew - 

Kevin Whittenburg and Nash Loya 

City Clerk

About Chelsea Peterson, City Clerk/Treasurer 

I have worked for the City of Thompson Falls since February of 2007.

I work with a wonderful staff, great pro-active City Council Members, Mayor, City Attorney, Judge and Community!   

I am a member of the Montana Municipal Clerks Treasures & Finance Officer's Association. I attended Montana Municipal Institute for Clerks, Treasurers, & Finance Officers conference yearly.   


I feel so fortunate to work and live in the Thompson Falls area! It is so beautiful and so many outdoor activies year round.

Chelsea Peterson City Clerk/Treasurer 

108 Fulton Street   

P.O. Box 99   

Thompson Falls, MT 59873   
406-827-3557 ext. 224