City of Thompson Falls

City Ordinances

Below are are the City of Thompson Fall's Ordinances that you can  download to review for the current year of 2010. You will need Adobe  Acrobat Reader in order to download & read these files.

Ordinances 2010

This city code of the city of Thompson Falls contains ordinances up to  and including ordinances 324, passed July 14th, 2008. 

Ordinances of the  city adopted after said ordinance supersede the provisions of this city  code to the extent that they are in conflict or inconsistent therewith.  

Consult the city office in order to asertain whether any particular  provision of the code has been amended, superseded or repealed.

Title 1 Administration

This title pertains to Thompson Falls City Code, Saving Clause,  Definitions, General Penalty, City Officers & Employees, City  Treasurer- Clerk, General & Corporate Provisions.


Title 2 Boards of Commissions

This title pertains to Boards & Commissions.

Title 3 Business & Licensing Regulations

This title pertains to Liquor Control, Solicitors, and Video Draw Poker Machines.

Title 4 Public Health & Safety

This title pertains to Community Decay, Civil Defense, Open Burning, Hauling or Dumping Garbage, & Littering.

Title 5 Police Regulations

This title pertains to Police Policy, Procedures & Jurisdiction.  Additional content includes : General Offenses, Animal Control ( Animals  & Dogs), Minors, Air Guns, Firearms, Fireworks , Bows and Arrows.

Title 6 Motor Vehicles & Traffic

This title pertains to Parking, U-Turns, Bicycles, Roller Skates,  Rollerblades, & Skateboards. Cleated Vechicles are also covered.


Title 7 Public Ways & Property

This title pertains to the following : Construction of Sidewalks,  Maintenance of Sidewalks, Obstruction of Streets or Alleys, Obstruction  of View at Intersections, Uniform Right of Way Encroachment Code,  Excavations, & Closing Streets.

Title 8 Building Regulations

This title pertains to Fire District, House Numbers, Sign Regulations on Main Street, & Fair Housing.


Title 9 Water & Sewer

This title pertains to Water, Sewer, Sewer Charges, and Outdoor Privies.

Title 10 Zoning Regulations

This title pertains to Residental Buildings, Setbacks and Mobile Homes.