Beautification Days 2020


Thompson Falls is a beautiful place to live and we want to maintain that beauty!

You can help by being a part of Beautification Days. Our objective for this annual event is to both encourage people to "spruce up, clean up, pickup" as well as assist those who are unable to  do the work themselves.


Sign Up for April 16th, 17th and 18th, 2020

 Thompson Falls Beautification Days is a community wide collaboration. We  hope you will contribute some of your time this weekend to help make  Thompson Falls a cleaner and more beautiful place in which to live.

Don't leave the volunteer work to others, it might not get done! Your help is needed and appreciated.   

 Email: Kathy Conlin at for the volunteer signup sheet - print it out, spread it around to your friends, family,  co-workers, any and everyone who can lend a hand! 



A Little Background on Beautification Days:

It all started with a need for a trash can in the front of the  library. The library asked the Chamber to help purchase a new garbage  can so visitors had a place to toss garbage before entering the library.     

Like flowers begin to grow and bloom each spring, the idea occurred to a  group of Thompson Falls residents, that one garbage receptacle could  blossom into something more significant – a whole bouquet of programs  that work to clean up and beautify the community, which is what is now  known as Thompson Falls Beautification Days.  

Now, a few years later, headed up by the Thompson Falls Community  Development group, a long list of volunteers, organizations, businesses,  government agencies and schools work together to clean up the  community. It is no longer all about adding garbage cans to fight  litter, but the idea has branched off into many different facets  including a focused effort to assist town residents with special needs  to keep their yards looking great. Other elements include awards and  recognition, school art projects, student volunteerism programs, public  service, education, special yearly projects and an overall effort to  clean out the cobwebs from winter and haul that junk out of town.  

Making the Thompson Falls area sparkle each spring is a community wide  effort that needs community wide support. Mark your calendar today, dig  out your pruning shears and gardening gloves and sign up for this three  day event which takes place usually the 3rd week in April of every year.

Town Residents Special Needs Program

Identifies elderly or disabled residents of Thompson Falls who do not  have local family who need assistance with yard clean up, pruning,  hauling to the refuse site etc. 

A Project Form needs to be filled out by  April 1st. Call Kathy Conlin at the courthouse at 827-6942. A screening  group evaluates the equipment needed and arranges manpower to complete  the projects.

Recyclables Sites:

The Thompson Falls Transfer Site at 5376 MT Hwy. 200 has new hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 9-5, Sunday 11-5. (CLOSED ON FRIDAY)

Accepted: Clean, flattened cardboard, aluminum cans, batteries, metal, oil, and $1 OFF ON TIRES! At the Thompson Falls Site ONLY  they will be accepting tires at a $1 discount per tire: Car tires $1, small truck $2, large truck $4, skidder/tractor $24 (.50 extra for rims.). Commercial tire businesses do not quality for this discount.

There will be a Paint Swap area, where residents can exchange paint or pick up what they need. Reminder:  If you have paint that needs to be disposed of, take the lid off and let it dry completely. (sawdust or cat litter helps)  The can with dried paint can then be placed in your household garbage. 


Free Vehicles & Major Appliance Disposal: For FREE junk vehicle removal, call Tina Scott at 827-6961.  For FREE appliance disposal and Freon removal, call Joe Stout of Appliance Repair at 827-4662.  

Mule Pasture and Powerhouse Loop Trail Systems: Trail maintenance and grooming on Saturday from 9-1 with a FREE BBQ at 1:00! (not during COVID-19)

- Poster Contest -

Sponsors & Supporters

Sponsors & Supporters

Starts in January each year to create a "keep our community beautiful" awareness in our elementary children.

The artist of the best poster in each grade is given an "art basket" prize funded by First Security Bank. 

These posters become the basis of the flyers publicizing Beautification Days.
Posters are judged in March, awards will be given out the end of March. 

Childrens  art posters, Beautification Days and Thumbs Up flyers will be put up  throughout the businesses in town the last week in March.

Sponsors & Supporters

Sponsors & Supporters

Sponsors & Supporters

   Thompson Falls Beautification Days is a community wide collaboration! 

Many organizations, sponsors, businesses, government agencies and individuals work to make this weekend successful. 

Please stop, visit and say thank you to the following:


First Security Bank
Whitefish Credit Union
Valley Bank - T.F.
Thompson Falls Chamber of Commerce
City of Thompson Falls
Sanders County Clark Fork Valley Elks -

Lodge #2757
Thompson Falls Schools & Alternative Programs
Frisbee Morebella Foundation
4-H Club
Girl Scouts
Bowling Groups
Blackfoot Communications
MSU Extension

- Thumbs Up Awards -

Sponsors & Supporters

- Thumbs Up Awards -

Recognizes the efforts of residents, businesses and institutions in keeping their properties attractive in Thompson Falls. 

Each year 3 awards  are given out in 3 categories:
residential, business, institution. 

Recognition is based on
(a) most improved and/or consistent, continuous effort in upkeep of  property.
Nominations are mailed to:
P.O. Box 1208,
Thompson Falls, MT 59873
by the end of May. 

Judging will be done with awards to be announced by the middle of June.

 Funding for the purchase of the Thumbs Up plaques is generously provided by
First Security Bank, Valley Bank and Whitefish Credit Union.


Contact Info

Volunteer & Project Coordinator: 

Kathy Conlin  

Office of Sanders County Commissioners   

PO Box 519   

Thompson Falls, MT 59873   

(406) 827- 6942   

Beautification Committee: 

Rita Lundgren: Chair 827-1985, Cell 746-0751   

Kathy Conlin: Resident Request/ Volunteer Co-Ordinator 827-6942

   Robin Hagedorn: Pre-event Volunteer List Co-Ordinators 827-2991   

Paul Conn: Prescreening Resident Projects 827-9731   

Linda Rocheleau: Treasurer 827-4002   


Examples of Past Beautification Day City Projects:


Painted the bathrooms at Wild Goose Landing.   

Cleaned up along Maiden Lane waterfront. 

Main Street hedge and roses along railroad tracks, weeded & mulched. 

Replaced town garbage cans. 

Installed picnic tables in Wild Goose Landing and the Rose Garden. 

Pruned and designed Rose Garden Park. 

Designed Fort Thompson.   Playground and raised funds to pay for it. 

Repainted town entrance welcome signs.   

Mule Pasture trail maintenance.   

Weed removal on old mill site.   

Pruned trees, edged sidewalk, weeded town sites. 

Thompson Falls Loop Trail System.   

Redid museum sign and hung banners.